Award Winner!

My piece, Vibrating Triangles (Gray on Black), won an Honorable Mention award at Trenton Artworks 3rd Annual Print Exhibition. This is the piece I wrote about last month as I was framing it for the show.  Juror Justin Staller, Philadelphia printmaker and member of Space 1026 had this to say about the piece:


I feel like I've seen this before.  Its familiar, yet I cannot place my finger on where I have encountered this image.  Maybe I thought of the idea and never got around to making it, maybe I saw it hanging on the wall of a gallery and didn't spend much time with it. However, it is that this image seeped into my consciousness I was happy to spend time with it again in the gallery.  The dimensional play helped push the image out of the geometric and the abstract into an image full of movement and depth.


Thanks, Justin!.

black and white striped triangles in a horizontal grid, seen through a top layer of light gray. Vibrating Triangles (Gray on Black) by Bill Brookover
Artworks Trenton