new work: rotating triangles

I'm pushing myself to work a bit bigger with my constructed collages. I'm aiming for a quarter sheet of printmaking paper, or 11" x 15". My new top layer is a grid of triangles that rotate as they move across the page. This creates a distictive geometric pattern. I've cut the design out of a sheet of mylar, which I'm using to make pressure prints with my proofing press. These are the first trial proofs.

Next I'll cut the triangles out of the prints, leaving a grid of triangular openings; then I'll decide what goes on the lower layer to be seen through the triangles.

design studies with black and white triangles on the work desk, by Bill Brookover

Designs for the top layer of my latest constructed collage series. The smaller version at the top is the first version I did last year. It sat around the studio for a while, eventually emerging as the larger, more precise design.

six trial proofs pinned on the wall for study, by Bill Brookover

These are the first trial proofs with the mylar template cut from the finished design. The design is in the upper right. I've printed on watercolor paper (too spotty), and on Sumi-e ink paper, as both primary and ghost pulls.